Joint Reading – La Hora Del Ocaso – 2nd week

I don’t even know how to qualify this second session of the Joint Reading of La Hora del Ocaso (coming soon in English). Surprising, imaginative, fun, intense, enriching… I don’t think any of these adjectives come close to a good definition. Of course, what there is no doubt about is that this is a very dynamic group with a high dose of imagination. It was absolutely amazing how many ideas and theories they had. In addition, I really liked the way the session flowed, with very interesting and constructive comments. And, if in the first session there was a live questionnaire about what they thought about a certain character, in this one what was done was a list of possible suspects. IMPRESSIVE!

Above all, I would highlight the different impressions that the protagonists leave in each one, the events that are narrated in the story and the paths that each one considers that it will continue. Here one realizes the richness of diversity, since these very different ways of seeing the same book makes its life multiply exponentially and transforms it into something much more than a story compressed into a specific number of pages.

This experience is unique, without a doubt. Even observe the pace of reading of each one, since most stick to the goals and some can not resist and continues to move forward even to reach the end (I would be in the latter group, almost without hesitation).

Perhaps it is a good exercise for any author to get out of the comfort zone, since writing is primarily a solitary activity that requires, in addition, some introspection. I am infinitely grateful for the involvement of the participants and all the contributions they make.

Next week, we have a new session. I will let you know my impressions….

If you feel like signing up for a Joint Reading of one of my books, leave your comment below, send me an email or send me a direct message via Instagram, Telegram or WhatsApp. My contact details can be found in the main menu.


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