Interconnected 4

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Chapter 4

She felt guilty for having lied to her. Silvia was always so nice to her… She thought it wasn’t fair to lie to someone like her. She certainly seemed to feel really worried. Surely, if Lucia had answered, it would have been a diametrically different conversation. Maybe she would have even hung up on him before he even had time to say goodbye. Who cares! She couldn’t spend a second more of her time thinking about it. She had a lot of messages to answer and she had to update her wall.

The coffee had been brewing for a while and she hadn’t even noticed. Fortunately, the coffee maker was automatic and, when it was finished, it kept it hot for half an hour and, moreover, without allowing a single drop to spill. Marvels of technology. I could not understand how it was possible that I barely felt tired. I hadn’t slept a wink all night and there I was, without a hint of sleep. I guessed it was the excitement of recent events. She couldn’t wait to get hooked again. So she poured the black coffee into a cup and didn’t even add sugar. She had no time to waste.

On the dating website there were several new developments. Most of the men she had contacted had responded. What nerves! She felt like a Hollywood star desired by all. For the first time in her life, she was going to experience what it was like to reject someone and not just the other way around. There were so many interested parties that she would try different formulas. Of course, after giving them false hope in the first instance.

How would she do it? What criteria could she follow? She thought about it for a few moments. The only thing that was clear to her was that she would discard them one by one without mercy, starting with the most handsome and those who gave off an aura of overconfidence. She was going to get even for years and years of slights. Of course, she would have to be careful because she had to keep an ace up his sleeve. She had to select very well so that, in the end, she could keep two or three who might really be worth her while. Perhaps, men a little more normal, whom she would not mind getting to know in person, if the occasion arose. And, above all, someone who could accept her as she really was.

Eleven o’clock in the morning. Her eyelids began to feel heavy. She would lie down to rest for a while, although she didn’t want to sleep too much because, the next day, she wouldn’t be able to get away from work again and she wanted to make the most of the time available. On the other hand, there was no one else in her office but her, and she had a computer with a high-speed Internet connection. She could log on there, who could tell? Wow, being invisible had its advantages, finally.

She fell asleep almost instantly. She woke up at almost 4:30 p.m. Damn it! She should have set an alarm. Well, there was no solution to that anymore. She looked at her cell phone and saw that there were several calls and messages from Luisa. Apparently, she had found out that he hadn’t gone to work. Taking advantage of the fact that she had to visit a client near her office, she had stopped by to invite her for a coffee and wanted to know how she was doing. She even «threatened» to stop by her house late in the afternoon to pay her a visit and help her, if she needed anything. «No, thank you Luisa. I already have what I need. I don’t want your pity.»

She decided she would call her later. Let her suffer some more and feel guilty. A pang of remorse shot through her chest. Why was she so vindictive? How could she harbor so much resentment inside her? After all, Luisa had always been a good friend. They had known each other since school and she had always been there, even in the worst of times, like when she went through a depression. It had been a very hard time, but she had never let her down. She should be happy that she had met Daniel. She deserved to be happy. That was the truth.

She would call her right away. First she would wash his face a little to clear her head. She walked over to the table where she had the computer with her cell phone in her hand. She thought she could talk to Luisa while she checked the latest news that the Internet had to offer. However, before dialing her number, she was hooked again and forgot all about it.

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