Small gestures

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When we think of the things that need to be changed in the world, we usually have in mind large organizations and associations that carry out actions that manage to turn some situation around. Rarely are we really aware that every great action starts with a small gesture.

And the fact is that I am increasingly saturated with the fact that in the news there is only bad news (forgive the redundancy), despite the immensity of small gestures that are seen every day and that make this world a much nicer and better place. Moreover, when we think of people who have fought for their ideals or who have tried to change something, whether they have succeeded or not, they are still just people, like you and me.

Changing the reality, ours, the one close to us, in that day to day in which we move, is much easier than it seems, as long as we assume that there are things that are beyond our reach but others depend only on us and one of them is our attitude and the way in which we respond to the circumstances that we are presented with.

That is why small gestures, kind words and cooperation with those close to us are so important. Saying good morning with a good tone and a good face, saying thank you when someone does something for us or recognizing the effort and success of those around us, being sincerely happy about it, can also change the day of many people. These small gestures make us feel good, make us feel recognized and make us more likely to do the same for others, in the style of the 2000 movie Pay it forward, starring Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey.

But small gestures go much further. For example, a very simple action is to recycle and be more aware of our actions and their lethal consequences for the planet. Separating waste is not a big effort but added to everyone’s effort it makes a difference. And this is just one example of a small gesture you can make.

Are you going to think before you act about the consequences that each of your gestures can have on making this world a better place?



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