Interconnected 2

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Chapter 2

When she finished filling in the profile data, she was unable to recognize the person described on her screen. There was no doubt that this was a self-confident woman with an exciting job and a full life. Surely she had traveled extensively and had lived indescribable experiences. However, if all that were true, why would she be on that dating site looking to be networked? She couldn’t know, as she wasn’t like her. Perhaps, simply out of sheer adventurous spirit – who cares about that? She convinced herself that anyone could access such sites, it didn’t have to be just losers like her. Now all that was left for her to do was to find a photo that might fit that description. She would have to browse the Internet to find one that suited her. Would that be a crime? I mean, would putting someone else’s picture on your profile be impersonation or something similar? He supposed not. Besides, he wasn’t going to hurt anyone either, and many people put pictures of celebrities, for example, in their WhatsApp avatars, on Twitter or on their Facebook wall. This gave him a new idea. She would open accounts on other social networks. The tangle of the internet would protect her and help her find the human warmth that in her daily life was so elusive. Step by step. First, the dating website. She would show Luisa that she could find a partner, too. She was so furious with her! He had to show her that he didn’t need her at all.

So, enraptured with a new identity, she set out to visit the pages of different men, especially those who seemed the most inaccessible. She left them all kinds of spicy and daring messages. And why not? It was time to release all kinds of hidden thoughts and feelings, those that from the earliest childhood you are taught to corner in the innermost place of your conscious self because, you are told, they are impure and, therefore, sinful. On the other hand, an insurmountable mask of lies concealed her. She could say whatever she felt like saying, without any concealment. It was time to free her repressed self.

How exciting! There were men of all kinds. It was like going shopping. You look, you look, and when you like something, you try it on and buy it. But now, moreover, she didn’t have to look at prices because, with her new self, she could buy anything she liked. She didn’t realize that, barely aware of it, she was disguising her mind with a dangerous false self-confidence. And the next day she would have to go back to work with her old self in tow.

She waited a few minutes for someone to answer. How was it possible that no one answered? It was impossible for anyone to reject a woman like that. She began to get impatient. She was not willing to feel a virtual rejection, she had enough of that in her real life. She opened her new Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts… Everything she could think of. What kind of people would she like to contact? In any case, none of her personal or work environment, since they could discover her and the embarrassment that would cause would be unbearable for her. She would literally not be able to return to her job.

Faster than it happened with the dating website, she started to have followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook. How simple everything seems on the internet? Before you’re even aware of it, you have a bunch of those friends that are going to be there forever. He felt his adrenaline pumping. Social media is a fascinating world. Once you get enmeshed in its web, you can’t escape. You become addicted to that world of acceptance and condescension. I wish I could live forever connected to it. Real life, on the other hand… That was another matter. How many disappointments she had suffered throughout her life. And how many humiliations since she was just a child. At times, she had felt that the pity she inspired in others hurt her even more than the humiliation inflicted by others. But that was over. She didn’t have to put up with it anymore. Now virtual reality was on her side and was opening its arms wide to her.


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