Bookcrossing (English version)

I have decided to take up an initiative that a colleague told me about a few years ago and I thought it was wonderful. Surely most of you have already heard about BookCrossing. It basically consists of leaving a book in a public place for another reader to pick it up, read it and then share it again. In other words, the book becomes a traveling book so that anyone can pick it up and enjoy it. The only way is to release it again so that someone else can read it.

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There is a website called BookCrossing in which this process is organized in such a way that a code is assigned to the book you are going to release and, whoever picks it up, can make an entry in the website’s journal. This also allows you to keep track of your book and know where it has moved.

I definitely recommend you to visit it if you are interested in the subject because you can learn about interesting initiatives they have and learn a little more about this beautiful proposal that allows books to stay alive and not abandoned on a shelf.

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I’ve decided that I’m going to do it with the books I write. On the first page I will include a note for those who pick them up. I hope many readers will enjoy and share them, do you want to participate?


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