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Today I could not help it. I had been holding it back for several days, trying to hold back what I needed to find a way out, a way to escape. A feeling that was about to implode. And today it did, in the form of an innocent tear that opened the way for many more to come. Frustration has found a way to leave the cage in which I wanted to keep it prisoner, but it has been impossible for me to win this battle.

Time escapes me and I don’t know how to capture it. I try to hold on to every instant, to squeeze it, but it refuses to submit and flies back between my fingers, while I realize that holding it is like trying to grab the tail of the wind. And it hurts, because life is so beautiful that I refuse to believe that it has an expiration date, with all that I have left to do.

With all I have to learn.

I take a breath. I try to catch my breath but I can’t because the anguish today is great. What I have just written is already in the past. I project myself into the future and, as I do so, I am aware that I am losing this irreverent present that lasts a millionth part of what it should last.

Because nothing is infinite.

And tomorrow is not either.



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