The void you leave behind

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Can you feel the emptiness? Yes, of course. You feel it in such a way that it seems to permeate your skin, particle by particle, cell by cell. Can you feel the absence? Yes, without a doubt, because it surrounds you and envelops you, it fills everything with its mist.

It is a hollow sensation, like an echo that reverberates through the corners, that sneaks inside you when you least expect it, that surprises you by breaking a dam of unsuspecting tears. Absence in its maximum presence, emptiness in fullness.

When someone leaves, they do not fade away, but on the contrary, they become more present in your present, because they bring back memories of the past full of nuances and reality that assail you at the most unexpected moment. And in that instant time stops, because it transports you to a past in which absence did not exist and you want to stay there, where pain did not yet tear, where joy was the one that exercised a pleasant tyranny.

It is an emptiness that paradoxically fills everything. The daily routine, the habits and even the unexpected, because in his absence you want everything to be a lie, you want to think about something else and you want to ask the person who is no longer there how he would do it if he were in your place. Or, simply, you want to tell him or her, so that he listens to you and you laugh afterwards because, after all, nothing is so important as to rob us of a little piece of life, except death.

That one is hopeless.



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