Twilight Trilogy now available

On Friday October 1st, Ocaso, the last book that closes the Trilogy of the same name in Spanish, was released with a more than remarkable acceptance, placing among the top bestsellers on Amazon as you can see in an image in this post. On the same day, in a very ambitious way, The Twilight Case was released, the translation and adaptation masterfully done by Jason Stover of the first book of the Trilogy, which is titled La Hora del Ocaso.

The sensations at the moment are excellent. The sales and readings through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program are being numerous, which makes me suspect that this Trilogy, in which there is a lot of illusion, without a doubt, may end up being talked about a lot.

All of them are available in the different formats offered by Jeff Bezos’ company, that is, ebook, softcover and hardcover. The result of the hardcover I must say is amazing.

I leave below the links of the different books to Amazon so you can start reading a little of each one and decide if it is worth it. Of course, listen well to the recommendation, start in order because La Hora del Ocaso and The Twilight Case can be understood by themselves but the rest of the Trilogy needs the others. El Ocaso de los Días could be a start, but you will need to read Ocaso to not get halfway through this fast-paced story that will take your breath away.

La Hora del Ocaso

El Ocaso de los Días


The Twilight Case



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