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As soon as I open my eyes, I realize that today everything is different. I can move them, I can look from one place to another. I can see, but there is nothing. An empty, aseptic room. The walls are nondescript, a white color worn by time. The ceiling is full of small cracks, as if it were tired of supporting an unwanted weight. 

I try to speak but it is impossible. I try to move. My right hand. Nothing. I try to turn my neck to widen my field of vision. Impossible. My body is paralyzed. Terror invades me from head to toe, I feel its shockwave filling every corner of my body with shrapnel. I am like a pressure cooker that needs to vent or it will explode. But there is no reaction at all, except for my tears that flow torrentially outside.

My body has become my cage.

I am unable to remember what brought me to this situation. Everything that morning had been just like any other day, except for that fierce argument with the guy who broke into the supermarket. I came out of the store with fire coming out of my mouth because that creep got so violent that I panicked. And then… I don’t even know if I made it to the car. 

All I remember is the gate of a van opening and something pulling me inside. 



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