Why does Derek look like Simon Baker?

Simon Baker in The Mentalist

Derek is probably the most endearing character of the trilogy. He stands out for his sensitivity, his good character and his generosity. In addition, he is an attractive man who conquers with his smile. However, there are many people who tell me that they love Kisha Jennings, because of that peculiar character she has, maybe because she is so much her, so much Kisha.

However, Derek has something that makes you fall in love with him because he is someone who has conquered self-confidence starting from a point of total lack of self-confidence. He has made it to the top in his career, but that doesn’t make him vain or forget who he is or his roots.

The character of Patrick Jane in The Mentalist, played by the attractive Australian actor Simon Baker, is a fresh, funny and very insightful character. In addition, he has a natural elegance that gives him a special touch of sophistication that is not available to just anyone. On the other hand, he is a born seducer almost unintentionally and manages to turn heads, just like Derek.

All are ingredients that have an influence but, in addition, the fact of resembling Derek’s character to a known face helps to fix his image in our minds, in a unique and different way. However, with Kisha Jennings I wanted each reader to imagine her in his or her own way, although some have told me that she reminded them of Agent Theresa Lisbon even though, in my opinion, they bear little resemblance. However, that is precisely the magic of the books, that for each reader the character acquires a different appearance.

Perhaps it has influenced in some sense also my love for Australia. I visited it in 2016 and returned to Spain in love with that place and its people, always friendly and close, with an extraordinary kindness and warmth. I was so amazed that for a while I was checking the types of visas they have to start living there for at least a year. I was just a few days away from submitting the papers and I still don’t rule it out completely.

Within the blog menu, in the TRAVEL section there is one dedicated to this wonderful country that I hope to complete in the coming weeks or months. Too many projects in progress… In any case, I will work for it to be soon.



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