We are running out of time

There was a time when this mast was in the middle of the sand…

It seems like an exaggeration but it is not. Rather, I think I have fallen short because maybe we are already in the discount time. When yesterday walking by the sea I saw these images that you have in front of your eyes I got really scared and worried. This beach used to have a large expanse of sand for bathers every summer to occupy with their towels and umbrellas. And every summer there seemed to be more and more people, with no apparent or real limit. There is often talk in this area of bringing more sand, of filling in the beaches, of covering the pebble beaches with sand from other beaches in the surrounding area, and so on. It is nothing more than a way to impose our tyranny over nature and to put tourism and economic benefits before everything else. And I don’t understand it, it’s getting harder and harder for me.

There has come a time when the sea seems to have had enough and has said: «this is it». Not long ago, barely a year ago, curiously during the time of the pandemic in which we were all locked in, the sea regained some of the land we had tried to steal from it. It decided it was time to take back what was its own and restore the natural order. We are not in charge, the land is not ours and we do not manage it as we please. It is our home, and if we do not take care of it, it may eventually drive us out of it.

We are committing such outrages against nature that it seems to have grown tired of so much generosity. The sea has said enough and in this humble beach of a random place has decided that it is time to reconquer what is hers and expand its limits. Are we willing to listen? I’m afraid not yet…


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