Summer days

I love those summer days when the weather seems to take a break and decides it’s time to stop, to break with routine and almost forces us to stop and contemplate what the magic of nature is willing to offer us. These cloudy days, when the temperature suddenly plummets and threatens to rain, the atmosphere relaxes in a pure way.

When, in addition, you are lucky enough to enjoy one of those days by the sea, the images that capture your retinas, as you can see in the photos, seem to be from another time of the year, with deserted beaches, with an angry and raging sea.

I also love the fact that they force you to break with routine because, believe it or not, when we are on vacation we also end up submitting to almost fixed schemes that we reproduce day after day. We get up, go to the beach, go to the pool, eat (either outside or at home), take a nap and go back to the beach or pool before returning to the apartment or hotel to take a shower and go out for a walk before dinner. Does it fit more or less with what you do when you go to the beach for a few days? I am convinced that, with little variation, many of you reproduce what I have just mentioned or something similar.

The cloudy and cool days break our schemes and I love that, because we have to look for a plan B and because, in addition, we get out of the maelstrom of beaches and pools full to overflowing when the sweltering heat demands that we go for a dip in the nearest water. I love to observe how the sea changes, its colors so different from those of sunny days, colors that seem to reflect a mood, with murky waters and darker blue tones than usual. These days help you to reflect, to value what you have, to consider how lucky we are to be in a wonderful place by the sea and enjoy the murmur of its waves and the rhythm of the tide when it hits the sand and leaves that beautiful trail of foam.

It saddens me when you hear someone say that, on days like this with rain and clouds, it’s a horrible day because that person doesn’t seem ready to enjoy and is going to miss out on a lot of things. Besides, I don’t think they are horrible days at all, quite the contrary. It’s just another day that dawns, whether the sun rises or not, but it’s a day in your life that counts just like the others and offers you endless opportunities to be happy. Re-create the view, engrave in your memory the dance of the wild waves, because when you are no longer here, you will certainly miss it. Even the days without sun.



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