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The Twilight Case, an addictive thriller that you won’t be able to stop reading, will be released on October 1st.
As an introductory offer the price of the ebook will be only 0.99 dollars. I leave you the synopsis to whet your appetite.


Kisha’s career in the Los Angeles Police Department was unmatched. After being promoted to Chief Inspector of the Homicide Division faster than anyone before her, Kisha took one step further. Without ever having been part of the bureau before, Kisha’s dream of joining the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit had come true.

Shortly after her start at the LAPD, it became clear that Kisha had the keen instincts and innate abilities needed to get into the minds of murderers. These qualities helped Kisha in her ascent higher and higher up the department’s ladder. But just when she thought she had what she wanted, Kisha realized that she had made a mistake. Becoming part of the BAU wasn’t what she wanted at all. Surviving her attack made Kisha rethink her whole life and what she wanted from it.

By pulling a few strings, Kisha was able to get a well-deserved and long-needed transfer to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, the town where she grew up, the town she had left behind almost 20 years ago. There, Kisha ran into Derek, who had really changed since being part of her group of friends back when they were all teenagers.

Kisha’s life was for the first time on the right track. She had taken a job in a peaceful community, away from the violence of the big city. Until, that is, a rash of rapes and murders began to take place in the twilight hours.


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